First step to fixing an “arched” back

Does your back get really tight after standing or walking for hours? Yesterday the back bend focused specifically with extension. If you’re hunched over and …

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Backwards bend level 2

The back bend (aka lumbar extension) is especially helpful when your lower back is flatter. If yesterday’s video helped you with your back pain, then …

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This can help your back…

There are many factors involved with the success of recovering from low back pain. It is important for you to address not just the stretching …

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Oxygen can lower your pain

How long can you hold your breath? If your body is deprived of oxygen things fall apart and you’ll be in more pain. Today’s video …

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Accept this fact, and you’ll immediately feel better!

If you hurt your back in the past, you’re more likely to hurt it again in the future. But there is hope! This video explains …

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Sleep away your back pain

Are you logging in less than 6 hours of sleep a night? This lack of sleep can result in fatigue, increased stress, and increased sensitivity …

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This mental trick will lower your back pain

Setting aside boundaries for yourself is crucial to ensuring that you have the proper time and in the proper headspace to recover from your low …

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How to breathe with a mask

Masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Take these lessons I’ve learned from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and apply them when wearing one outside! You can do …

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Mindset shift for low back pain

The practice of gratitude serves a huge role in not just motivation and happiness, but identifying your “bright spots” is crucial to your recovery as …

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Breathe your pain away

This technique developed by the Navy SEALs helped them stay calm under stress. Use this same exact technique to reduce your stress and breathe away …

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