Is laughter the best medicine?

Have you ever noticed that the moment you smile, you start to feel happier and more energetic? There have been a growing number of scientific …

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A tree fell on our garage last week

A tree broke and fell on our garage last week. Luckily no one was hurt. The most common cause for a tree falling is that …

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Are your glasses causing your neck pain?

Are your glasses causing your neck pain? After your eye exam and after you choose your frames, the next step is measuring your focal point. …

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Snails are faster than you think

I saw this little snail make its way across the concrete in front of my house. It got me thinking about how living with pain …

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All things golf!

Today we a guest post from my good friend Rob over at Signum Golf discussing some of his favorite stretches to help improve your flexibility …

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This is Hudson River Fitness

After graduating with my Doctorate and starting my first physical therapy job in 2012, I realized that there was a huge gap between fitness and …

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The perfect online coaching session

Online and virtual training sessions were tools of the future a few months ago. But with the evolution of the COVID 19 crisis, fitness facilities …

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Don’t want surgery?

Back in 2016 I tore my meniscus in a workout. One of the common treatments or a torn knee meniscus is surgery and physical therapy. …

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The order of operations

I’ve worked with 1000s of clients as a physical therapist and throughout the years I noticed that they all followed a very similar path to …

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My wife recently broke her ankle…

There are a ton of hiking trails out here in northern California. My wife and I usually go hiking at least once a week as …

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