Unilateral pelvic tilt

Remember Jaime? (Hint: She had back pain due to a super ‘arched’ low back). In today’s video, I share another exercise that was able to …

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Anterior Pelvic Tilt Anatomy

In today’s video I want to go over the anatomy of the anterior pelvic tilt so you have a better understanding of the big picture. …

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An easy way to fix an anterior pelvic tilt

Meet Jaime. She is a mother of 2, has back pain, and has an anterior pelvic tilt. Her back pain prevented her from standing up …

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Tight, tight, tight

Do your back, hamstrings, and hips always seem to feel tight? This is often due to a position called anterior pelvic tilt, meaning that your …

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Vitamin B12 for back pain

A few weeks ago, you may recall a video about vitamin B6 and how it can be super helpful for relieving back pain. In today’s …

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Punch your low back pain away

Meet Joe. I’ve been working with him for the past two years. His pain would often start from the right side of his lower back …

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How to search for help

Asking for help is easy. Finding the right help for you is hard. There is so much available information at your fingertips that it can …

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How to find the right stretch for you

Yesterday, I talked about how the “perfect stretch” for back pain is a myth. In today’s video you’ll learn more in detail about how to …

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The “perfect stretch” doesn’t exist

One website will claim that Stretch X is the perfect stretch for you. But then another site will claim that Stretch Y is actually better …

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The physical therapy business model is broken

The modern day physical therapy business model goes like this: figure out your current problem, treat it, and then once you’re done with the treatment …

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