Snails are faster than you think

I saw this little snail make its way across the concrete in front of my house. It got me thinking about how living with pain …

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All things golf!

Today we a guest post from my good friend Rob over at Signum Golf discussing some of his favorite stretches to help improve your flexibility …

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This is Hudson River Fitness

After graduating with my Doctorate and starting my first physical therapy job in 2012, I realized that there was a huge gap between fitness and …

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The perfect online coaching session

Online and virtual training sessions were tools of the future a few months ago. But with the evolution of the COVID 19 crisis, fitness facilities …

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Don’t want surgery?

Back in 2016 I tore my meniscus in a workout. One of the common treatments or a torn knee meniscus is surgery and physical therapy. …

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The order of operations

I’ve worked with 1000s of clients as a physical therapist and throughout the years I noticed that they all followed a very similar path to …

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My wife recently broke her ankle…

There are a ton of hiking trails out here in northern California. My wife and I usually go hiking at least once a week as …

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4 Minute Read: Are you doing it wrong?

The days are long, weeks are short, and you’re moving in a slow motion blur. Anxiety, fear, and frustration are eating you up on the …

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Spring time butterflies

A friend’s cat destroyed a few caterpillars in their cocoons, the other day. It was a funny, yet very sad story to hear, as these …

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A letter to the first responders

We are in the middle of the third week of quarantine and it looks like things are just getting started. I wanted to take a …

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