Low Back Pain Related to Kidney Stones?

Hello, Dr. Ashley Mak with Hudson River Fitness here. Today I wanted to share with you a recent interaction that I had with a new …

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There is hope

Hello, it’s me, Dr. Ashley Mak. Today, I wanted to share with you a few words of encouragement for those who are experiencing pain, confusion, …

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Posterior Pelvic Tilt in Prone

This posterior pelvic tilt exercise, when done on your stomach, actually challenges your core to focus on engaging and activating the lower abdomen to maintain …

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Upper Thigh Massage

Massaging the front upper half of your quad or your thigh is actually really helpful and beneficial when it comes to experiencing back pain related …

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Easy Low Back Bend

This technique is a great way to introduce low back extension without increasing any sort of stresses at your spine. So, all you need to …

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How to Fix Your Own Back Pain

Hello, my name is Dr. Ashley Mak and I’m a Physical Therapist and owner of Hudson River Fitness. We are an online company that specializes …

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How to Prevent Disc Herniations

Low back pain and Sciatica are horrible experiences and having an MRI that actually shows nothing to make it even worse. Also, there has been …

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The Cure for a Herniated Disc

MRIs are great at spotting cancers and fractures but they are not very good at diagnosing the cause of your pain. However, there are still …

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What does a Spinal Disc do?

Disc bulges are not as scary as you think. There’s been a growing number of evidence out there showing little correlation between disc bulges, herniations, …

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How do discs change as we age?

The structure of our spinal discs change throughout our lifespan. As a younger human, the spinal discs are filled with more water and are at …

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