4 Minute Read: Are you doing it wrong?

The days are long, weeks are short, and you’re moving in a slow motion blur. Anxiety, fear, and frustration are eating you up on the …

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Spring time butterflies

A friend’s cat destroyed a few caterpillars in their cocoons, the other day. It was a funny, yet very sad story to hear, as these …

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A letter to the first responders

We are in the middle of the third week of quarantine and it looks like things are just getting started. I wanted to take a …

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Some words of encouragement…

It’s no surprise that this pandemic is affecting everyone in the world. During a time like this it can be really easy to lose morale, …

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COVID 19 Update

You don’t need to have a gym to pursue your fitness goals. We got you!

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HRF Response to COVID 19

This is a unique time and things are moving quickly. It can be confusing and stressful. So here is the quick rundown of information you …

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4 Minute Read: Are your workouts making you sick?

If your constantly training to the point of exhaustion, you might!

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4 minute read: Are your eating habits making you sick?

What you eat has a huge impact on your immune system function!

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3 Minute Read: The cheapest way to boost your immunity is…

Closing your eyes can have a huge impact on your immunity

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4 Minute Read: How to boost your immunity!

Follow all posts this week to learn how to protect yourself and others from sickness!

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