Carrying things without pain

Yesterday, I went over some tips on how you can pick up your child (or any object) pain-free. Let’s take it a step further, have …

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Pick up your child or anything without back pain

A few weeks ago, a client of mine was super excited to tell me that she could finally pick up her son after working with …

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Vitamin C can help with back pain

In today’s video, we discuss how Vitamin C can help you recover from low back pain by reducing inflammation and helping tissue regenerate. Watch below …

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The road to recovery

As a low back pain specialist, the two most common questions I get from my clients are: How can I fix this pain? When can …

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Pushups for back pain

Learn about how pushups can help you with your low back pain. It’s not just a shoulder exercise anymore!

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Plank holds for back pain

Planks are an extremely popular exercise for back pain. And for a good reason — they’re excellent for building up your core strength and thus …

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Work with a virtual physical therapist

Learn about the benefits of working with a virtual physical therapist. You’ll no longer have to worry about schedule, safety, and time restraints! Ready to …

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Deadlift without back pain

What if I told you you can pick up objects from the floor even when you’re back is hurting? Believe it or not, it’s entirely …

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Surgery is the last resort

As a physical therapist whose successfully eliminated back pain in many of my clients just through movement exercises and lifestyle changes, I can say firsthand …

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Stable core = reduced low back pain

Last month, I started working with a mother who was super active and super fit, yet she was having constant nagging back pain that would …

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