The function of spinal discs

Physios, chiros, Dr.’s, and back pain gurus are always talking about herniated and bulging discs and how it relates to low back pain and sciatica. …

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Anatomy of a spinal disc

Understanding the anatomy of the spinal disc is helpful in reducing the fear, frustration, and confusion following a back injury. Learn more about it in …

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The truth about spinal discs

Herniated and bulging discs sound scary especially when you’re in pain. But you don’t have to let it scare you. Learn more about it in …

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How to clean your dogs paws when you have back pain.

The other day my wife and I walked our neighbors dog on a dirt road by our house. It rained the night before, so her …

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How to carry dog food when you have back pain

The most common food for dogs is dry food. They come in large bags and can be pretty heavy. If you have back issues, carrying …

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Picking up your dog without having back pain

Some dogs are meant to be picked up. Regardless of the size, your low back pain should not stop you from caring and showing love …

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Walking your dog when you have back pain

A dog can add some gentle physical activity into your day. They love being outside and it’s an opportunity for you to walk on a …

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Picking up dog poop when you’re in pain

It’s our responsibility to pick up after our dog. It’s not an issue when you are pain free, but it can be extremely challenging and …

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First action for dog owners with back pain

Owning a dog brings so many joys to life. However, if you have back pain, caring for these little ones can be challenging and burdensome. …

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The best stretches after cycling

It’s easy to go right back into your day after a 60 minute workout on a spin bike. However, if you have back issues, this …

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