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(3 Minute Read): You won’t believe what we eat this at our house…

Pasta and carbs all day!

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2 minute read: How many times per week do you need to workout to see results?

The minimum is two workouts per week!

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My wife discovered this in Amsterdam

We drink this beverage pretty much every day now!

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You deserve more for yourself

You deserve to be healthy and happy. The better you can take care of yourself, the better you can care for others!

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What do YOU have in common with a professional athlete?

Read more to find out!

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How to recover after the Super Bowl

Read more if you’re hungover from last night!

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Will lifting weights build too much muscle?

You’ll be surprised by the answer!

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Training priorities in your 50s (part 2)

Read more to receive a special workout template from us!

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Training priorities in your 50s (part 1)

Learn how to age like a fine wine

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The question isn’t “how low can you go”…

But…. How good does your squat look?

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