Posture is a myth

There’s no such thing as perfect posture. Learn more about it in today’s video. Ready to take the next step in living pain free? Book …

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Squat to fix your back

What if I told you that if you fix your squat, your pain can go away? Often times, the first thing you’re told is to …

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Vitamin B can help your back

You can stretch and mobilize all you want, but if your body is in an active state of inflammation, that needs to be addressed. B …

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Spinal rotation level 2

Doing a spinal rotation can be a very effective exercise/stretch to reduce low back pain. Sometimes you need a little more force to get that …

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This simple twist can help you

Bending and leaning can only take you so far when it comes to fixing your back. As a result, it is important to look at …

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Low back pain treatment with wall

If you tried bending backwards and forwards to no avail, then the side bend can help you relief your low back pain. This is especially …

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How to treat one sided low back pain

Forward and backward bending can only get you so far. Investigating other planes of motion is crucial to ensuring that we have all of our …

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Do this stretch if your back is “arched”

Stretching tight muscles and joints can be really beneficial to reducing your low back pain. If your stiff and your body is not moving, these …

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First step to fixing an “arched” back

Does your back get really tight after standing or walking for hours? Yesterday the back bend focused specifically with extension. If you’re hunched over and …

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Backwards bend level 2

The back bend (aka lumbar extension) is especially helpful when your lower back is flatter. If yesterday’s video helped you with your back pain, then …

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